Traders and suppliers of steel piping products since 1992

AGM work with you. We supply industrial components destined to the Oil&Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical
sectors from heat exchange to mechanical applications, up to construction and fabrication.

Contact Us. We are not producers. We are traders. We supply all types of products related to the world of piping, from common steel up to special alloys.Our catalogue is the result of a real network of contacts and partnerships, consolidated in years of hard work, with companies of the sector having all the qualifications requested by the international norms and by the main oil groups.

We provide a wide range of steel pipes, coils, strips and plates, all kinds of bars, profiles and sections, fittings, flanges, gaskets and stud bolts, valves, finned and bimetallic tubes,studded tubes and U-tubes.

Above all we are YOUR partners, active and proactive. Being part of your project and developing it together, it’s our core business. Our philophy is based on comunication and cooperation. Analysis and sharing lead to certain answers which turn to concrete and effective solutions. We provide you with our knowledge of the market and our technical skill related to all products, ranging from steel pipes, valves, plates, bars, profiles or fittings. Our knowhow allows us to discuss with all our business partners involved in your project.

We are proud of our service. We travel, we search, we evaluate, we select and above all we communicate with clients and suppliers. Lots of methods and procedures have been introduced to improve our “customer service” more and more, which covers all the stages, from the planning up to the post order follow-up. We have worked hard on our flexibility and we are aware of our capabilities to reach the targets giving the right solutions to your requirements.

Components & Solutions:

Concrete solutions in line with standards

Application Fields:

Where there is energy, with our energy