Piping trading is a family affair.

AGM Energy always look towards the future, with consciousness and above all being strong of the heritage of its founder, Giuseppe Vicentini: competence, passion and great attention to all customers.

Since 1992 we have been traders of steel piping products.
Passion and competence from father to daughter.

Agm Energy was established in 1992 thanks to the capabilities, the long experience and the business spirit of its founder, Giuseppe Vicentini. The company is currently run by Simona Vicentini who, with great passion and strong of the teachings of his father, took over its management in 2007. Nowadays AGM Energy is well-known worldwide as a leading supplier of steel piping products mostly destined to the Oil & Gas sectors. Simona Vicentini, together with AGM’s team, has developed and extended, at the same time, both the existing organization and the range of products which are used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in shipbuilding, in the energy and construction fields.

Being part of your project, it’s our job

AGM Energy can boast a rich and varied customers’ portfolio, which is the result of big efforts, hard work, commercial capabilities and excellent technical knowledge. We have developed a good flexibility and we now know we are able to achieve the targets given, turning all your requirements into solutions: the best possible service in terms of competence, assistance, quality and delivery. In addition, reliable and competent suppliers, all skilled and qualified on international level, do allow the company to provide the required items in the shortest time as possible as well as to monitor the production and inspection activities.

Together, from the planning to the follow-up

The “customer service” is a focus point for Agm Energy. A variety of methods and procedures have been introduced to improve the level of the service provided, which includes assistance in planning, training, supply and ready disposal of a product, resolution of problems which can be faced at each single stage and, above all, after order follow-up. AGM Energy is an active partner, an integral part of a process in which the dialogue and the continuous exchange of information are fundamental, in which certain answers become concrete and effective solutions.